Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Clarion Write-a-Thon

As you should know by now, I am always looking for ways to improve my odds of actually doing some writing everyday.  This blog is one example which, as of late, has been sadly inefficient.  The truth is my work schedule has taken a drastic turn in terms of my time investment and I come home from my 12 hour days pretty beat.  As far as excuses go that one is pretty legitimate but I still hate waking up without having put some words down the day before.

You probably don't know about the Clarion Writer's Workshop unless you happen to be into writing yourself.  It is a six-week retreat where selected writers lock themselves away on a college campus and write until their eyes bleed.  There have been some notable attendees in the past, both on the teaching and learning side, and I hope to apply for it when it comes around next year.  This post isn't really about that, though.

Alongside the workshop, the Clarion foundation also holds a write-a-thon.  They apply the pledged money to funding the workshop and providing assistance to the lucky few who opt to give up six weeks of their lives in pursuit of their passion.  I am committing to the write-a-thon this year, which runs from June 24 to August Somethingorother, whatever makes it six weeks.  I'm shooting for 30,000 words during that period.  10,000 will be devoted to short works that I can refine for my application to the workshop next year, the remainder being used for my current projects (a 10k word story for an anthology of the sword and sorcery genre and a novel that's currently in the early planning stages).

So, if you have money to spare and would like to support the efforts of budding writers I would ask that you check out the link below and consider sponsoring me or one of the many writers on the list.  Additionally, if you are interested in writing, they are still in need of 17 writers (as of this posting) to participate.

Link here: http://clarionwriteathon.org/

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