Friday, July 6, 2012

My Name Up In Lights

So, I'm published now.  Bleeding Ink Anthology - A Collection of Dark Tales went up on SmashWords as an e-book on the 3rd.  It contains a short piece of mine called Retention about a bullied boy's paranormal experience at the local retention pond.

I've always loved to write but I've also always had a small voice in the back of my mind that told me there was no future in it.  That I wasn't good enough to keep people interested.  Now that I'm published I can't really use that excuse because somebody somewhere was interested enough in what I write to include me in their collection.  Now, when I skip writing to get a few more levels in Skyrim I am really going to feel crappy about it.

I guess I owe you all some excerpts.  Here, feast your greedy eye-mouths on these.

In less than an hour I had to go eat a ghost.


The sign outside my door swung as it caught those breezes, chain creaking at the motion.  R.L. Hawkins, Spiritualist & Accountant.  I’d tried paranormal investigator before but people look at you funny if you don’t show up with a cart full of gear.  They expect the light show and the evp and all that.  It seemed to be more acceptable for a spiritualist to rely solely on the powers of the mind, which cut down seriously on my expenses.


“Happiness is as sure a killer as sadness,” I said. “It makes you soft.  You get content and then sadness hits and you’ve forgotten how to cope with it.”

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