Friday, July 20, 2012

When it Rains, You Get Wet

Well, I just received another acceptance for Retention.  Cast of Wonders hosts an audio webzine which will be podcasting my story in the near future.  The audio part is pretty cool, as is the fact that they are paying me 5 British pounds for my efforts.  I have now officially been paid to write, which eliminates my favorite excuse to not do it.

My wife will be spending the next two weeks wandering the wilds of Spain, which should mostly consist of partying by night and sightseeing by day.  This leaves me in charge of the homestead, a tragic turn of events for the cats.  They now have to seek me out in my rare off-time to beg for attention.  I think they're starting to get the point that when I'm at my computer I am too busy to pet them.  Cats are smarter than they look.  One of them even figured out how to twist the knobs in the bathtub enough to be able to drink from the faucet.  Super unsettling.  I'm going to lock up the knives.


  1. Whoa, Dervish is using the tub now? And I thought he was the dumbest of all! Really proud of yet another acceptance, obviously the world can't get enough of your words. Time to send out another story!

  2. This is stupendous. I am glad that there was more good news awaiting my eventual return to this whacky blog.

    Your cats will soon be people. Deal with it.