Monday, June 24, 2013

Clarion Write-A-Thon Voting

Clarion is officially upon us, and that means I need to start putting in work.  This week will be largely devoted to putting the finishing touches on a few things and getting my blog posts up consistently, so that gives us all time to do the voting I previously mentioned.  To recap, here are three projects that I've done prep work on.

A sci fi/western/dystopia (think Alien meets Firefly meets Blade Runner...and they fight crime) tale about siblings who seek justice after they lose their father and their land to a corporate robber baron. This one has it all; cybernetics, alien technology, a giant pterodactyl.  I am clear on where I want this story to go, but I'm sure where I want it to sit in terms of readership yet.  I do feel like there is a lack of space-based Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction out there, so I might shoot for that demographic.

A crime thriller noir erotica (noirotica) about a crime family courier trying to clear her name after someone frames her for theft.  This one is more along the lines of Sin City meets Red Shoe Diaries.  It has everything you could want; dark streets, a cynical protagonist, steamy sex in the snow.

A southern gothic horror story about two generations of a tainted bloodline returning to their ancestral estate just in time for terrible things to occur (and some monsters, cause that's always cool).  I've wanted to delve into southern gothic for awhile but I didn't have an idea that seemed to fit.  You want it, you got it; ancient curses, deep south blood feuds, a drunk cousin with a gun.

So, anyone got an opinion?  Drop a note in the comments with your thoughts and I will get started on the most popular option.


  1. Given that I prefer to think you are asexual and reproduce with a cloud of spore, I'm gonna throw my vote in for number three. I think you'd have some interesting things to do with that and if you've been wanting to get some southern gothic writing under your belt, what better time than now?

    1. Given that you left Florida harboring a dozen of my meticulously implanted spore-babies, you are probably onto something there. Less asexual and more parasitic organism.

      Hmm. How many years has it been since then? Have you noticed any unusual budding or sprouting?

    2. that explains so many things. Weave your words, monkey.

  2. The sci-fi and the southern gothic sound best to me, though I am partial to dinosaurs...

  3. 3 2 1

    I think you should incorporate a panda.

  4. I am of course for option 1. Seems the most ambitious, but it is relevant to my interests :)

  5. I like door #1 then maybe we can finally find out who run barter town!?