Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clairon Write-A-Thon 2013

As you may remember, last year I participated in the Clarion Write-A-Thon to raise funds for the Clarion Writer's Workshop.  If you don't remember, I talked about it on my blog here.  I found the experience to be extremely successful at boosting my motivation and word count.  I was able to interact with a group of other writers in a team and share success stories, get helpful tips and just have it reinforced that other people struggle at this whole writing thing, too.  In the end I raised a nice chunk of money for a program that I'm very excited about and got many thousands of words done on some of my projects.

So I'm doing this thing again.  The same goal (30,000 words) as before, since it seemed to be a nice challenge without being overwhelming.  Things kick off on June 23rd this year and run for the usual six weeks.  I have a couple of possible works that I can focus my attentions on this time so I'm putting the option out there for anyone to weigh in.  The prep work has been done for a sci fi/western/dystopia (think Alien meets Firefly meets Blade Runner...and they fight crime) tale about siblings who seek justice after they lose their father and their land to a corporate robber baron, a crime thriller noir erotica (noirotica) about a crime family courier trying to clear her name after someone frames her for theft, and a southern gothic horror story about two generations of a tainted bloodline returning to their ancestral estate just in time for terrible things to occur (and some monsters, cause that's always cool).  You can drop comments on this blog or hit up my twitter here to cast your vote.  Don't forget to follow the excerpts I'll be posting to my profile page on the Clarion website.

So, if you have money to spare and would like to support the efforts of budding writers I would ask that you check out the link below and consider sponsoring me or one of the many writers on the list.  You can donate a set amount or sponsor for an amount per goal achieved.  Sponsoring can be done in increments as tiny as .0001 cent per word so don't let the high word count goals scare you.  They are always looking for writers to fill the roster, too.  If you have any interest in putting words on paper to tell a story this could be a good way to find the motivation.

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