Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delayed but not Dismissed

Sorry for the lack of updates.  The weekend was difficult with additional classes added to my schedule and a sick cat at home.  I haven't been able to work on the novel as much as I would have liked but I've made some progress.  I've put in another 1628 words today, and near that many towards that pulp submission I'm doing on the side.  That still puts me behind but I hope to be able to catch up over the rest of the week.

I rarely a story from beginning to end.  It's more like a puzzle for me, taking pieces and fitting them in where they belong.  Today I wrote a conflict scene from later in the book where two of the antagonist's henchmen assault our lawyer and her potential romantic interest.  Bloody stuff, but it definitely comes through on the promise of fists and bullets.  I like these henchmen enough that I've decided to open the novel with them.  Perhaps I will use the next post to detail them a bit.

Total Words: Novel - 3098, Pulp Short - 1500

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