Thursday, March 1, 2012

What You Can Expect

My first attempt at a full-scale novel will be of the weird west genre.  You may be familiar with it through playing Deadlands or seeing movies like Cowboys and Aliens or Jonah Hex.  There are better examples out there but they're neither as modern nor as popular as those.

Rather than focusing on a gunslinger or an outlaw, I'm opting to focus my story around a lawyer.  One of the nations early female lawyers.  As such, I'm using Wyoming as the setting since it was the first state to allow females to practice law in 1869 which dovetails nicely with my desire to use 1875 for my tale.  As an aside, Wyoming was pretty forward thinking toward women as they were also the first state to allow women the vote, also 1869.

That said, the story will open with my lawyer's arrival in a frontier town called Mary's Rest and her attempt to take over running a law office there.  It will get weird pretty fast since I've never been a fan of slow-paced stories.  Expect all manner of unnatural phenomena and high-stakes adventure.  I've been in something of a pulp mood recently, likely due to my working on a side story of a pulp anthology (fingers crossed and all that) so this will probably be reflected in the novel as well.

Here is a short list of things you can expect me to dangle in front of your noses in the coming weeks.

A title for the novel.
Information on the protagonist and the townsfolk.
Strange events of a dark and unholy nature.
Fists a-flyin' and bullets...a-flyin'.  Hmm, should have thought that one out more.

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