Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Day Late and 2,000 Words Short

I haven't been as effective in cutting down my word deficit as I'd like to have been.  I got a fair amount of work done on my frontier horror tale but I'm still 2,000 words down from where I should be given my 1,000 words a day goal.  With the completion of the stories being key to moving on to my next stated goals I feel pretty bad each day that I don't write.  That said, I really feel like the story is coming together well and I suppose that is a significant part of it.  Not everything can be measured in words, right?

This weekend promises to be pretty busy as I've been handed an important work project to complete by Monday.  I will still need to find the time for writing, though.  If I really want to make a go of writing full-time I need to look at it as a job that I can't just skip out on whenever other things are piling up.

Encouraging words, as always, are welcome.


  1. I also work a day job, so you are not alone in trying to juggle the two. Plenty of writers have that conundrum - in fact, I read a recent interview with Ian Rankin who said even after six or seven of the Rebus novels were published, he still wasn't earning enough to make writing full-time a viable option.
    The simple fact is that if writing paid my bills, I'd focus on the writing above all else. However, right now the Day Job pays my bills, so it takes priority. I think the secret is not to hate that balance.

  2. Quality over quantity, my love! You're doing such an amazing job and juggling it all like a champ.