Sunday, January 20, 2013

ROW80 Goals First Quarter 2013

So I am going to try and follow the Round of Words in 80 Days system this year.  I came across it through Camille LaGuire's blog "The Daring Novelist".  It is a goal setting system where you choose milestones to accomplish over each 80 day period with 10 day break between sessions.  You post updates on Sundays and Wednesdays, so that will give me a few more blog posts each week.  It seems like one of the more manageable systems I've seen.

So, onto goals.

I am going to try and apply to the Clarion Writers Workshop this year which means this quarter is going to be really important.  Work has been a real drain on my creativity recently and it is going to be a struggle to get the 12,000 words together that I need for the application.  I could use some old stuff but most of my material is unfinished novels and the workshop is short fiction focused so I want to send something appropriate.

That means, at present, I need to do a thousand words a day over the next two weeks to have the stories done, then edit and revise them over the following two weeks.  Ideally, I would like to get the application in before February 15th.  It's going to be a tight deadline so that means less screwing off and more focus.

Once that's done, however, I would like to go back to Soulless (working title since I discovered that there is a series out with an installment called Soulless which looks pretty interesting) and start putting in more time there.  If I can focus enough to get two stories together of around 5,000 words each, maybe I can make some headway on that project.  I really like the idea behind it and I believe it will come together if I can just work on it regularly.  If I take a day each week away from Soulless and devote it something shorter (I'm working on a tale about zombie hunting Inquisitors in Black Plague era Italy) then maybe I won't get so bogged down.

Lastly, I'd like to put up at least one post a week here that is not related to writing.  Sunday and Wednesday will be goal posts and I am going to try and go back to doing the flash fiction challenges on Terrible Minds so if I pick a random topic for another day that will be four posts a week.  Shouldn't be too challenging.

Summary:  1,000 words a day through February 1st.  Edit and revise two stories by February 14th.  Apply to the Writer's Conference by February 15th.  Work on Soulless through March 28th, possibly interspersing this time with Plague Dogs.  Four blog posts a week on here.


  1. sound like interesting goals - good luck in reaching that goal for the workshop - all the best for this coming week:)

  2. Hi WordWeaver, it looks like Kait has hit some trouble and we have no mid-week check-in. So no one is left out, please come over to our Facebook group and leave a link to your check-in post and we will be over to visit. The page address is Alternatively, email me at and I'll pass your post on. I know Facebook isn't everyone's cup of tea!

    Should we have no Linky on Sunday, we'll just keep working this way until things sort themselves out.

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