Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back on Track or Off the Rails?

I have managed to close the gap on my word goals over the last week.  I missed the Sunday check-in due to pure forgetfulness but I'll blame that on being new to the whole ROW thing.  Here is where I stand.

My frontier horror story is sitting in at about 4,000 word and is nearly complete.  I've done some touch up work on my colonial sci-fi story but it is still pretty rough.  I'm hesitant to jump into a full edit while I am still working on the other piece.  So I am a little behind but my goals gave me wiggle room so things are still alright.

Did you all know there is a fellowship contest every year for screenplays?  I'm sure there are many, but I recently became aware of the Nicholl Fellowship which awards 35,000 dollars to assist budding writers focus on their writing instead of their day jobs.  Pretty sweet deal if you can put together a screenplay worth reading.  I might take a run at it this year just to keep my motivation up.


  1. Dropping in from row 80 - sounds like you are doing great. I have a hard time with the left brain editing and right brain creating at the same time as well. Both your stories sound interesting. Look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Sometimes I want to edit, sometimes I want to write. Doing the one I NEED to do at any given time is the problem!

  3. Yeah, totally go for the fellowship. Winning of course would be awesome, but just using it to motivate you to finish a screenplay, and possibly get some feedback, are great benefits in themselves.